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AgriGaia Biomimicry Farming System
The unique AgriGaia Biomimicry Farming System, Taiwan’s innovative cultivation system, far surpasses ordinary organic farming method. Emulating the rainforest and human body systems, it revives the soil through a nutrient supplying network, not only having the advantages of hydroponics, but also making the most use of sunlight, air, water, and microorganisms to improve soil fertility without any pesticides or chemical fertilizers. The soil full of beneficial microorganisms is so invigorated that fruits and vegetables grown on it are highly nutritious, possess great self-healing power and have strong resistance to plant diseases, pests and environmental stresses.

■State-of-the-art design: It’s a whole new environmental control production system, classified as “soil-based plant factory” or “advanced greenhouse system”. We install under the ground the special combination of permeable pipes and impermeable tubes to form a complete irrigation system.

■Cost-saving: The system is easy to set up, and the cost can be reduced by saving water, saving energy, and economizing on manpower. The variable cost is low, because no pesticides and chemical fertilizers are needed, and the cost of labor is much less than that of other farming techniques. The cost of electricity could be lowered down to about 3% of production cost.

■Environmentally-friendly: It protects and conserves water resources. In a dry land, the amount of water usage can be saved up to 50%-80%. It also helps reduce carbon emissions.

■Multi-usage: The technique can be used in a variety of ways, such as farming, desert afforestation, and grass planting. Our system can be applied in all kinds of soils, and it is the best choice for organic farming.

■High quality & large quantity: The quality of the produce is outstanding, and the quantity can be much larger than ordinary organic farming.

■Land-purifying ability: The system has strong ability to purify the land. The soil is rich and very well-balanced.

■Free of contaminants: Abundant carefully chosen beneficial microorganisms and magnetized water help the farm to be free of contaminants.

■Fast growth of plants: Through the bio-nutritional liquids, and the air-water alternation, the land can become a very lively space full of C, H, O, N, in a very short time, helping the plant form a strong root system and grow fast and healthily, without any use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

■Nutritious products: Products are very nutritious, because they have been grown and handled according to strict procedures without any persistent toxic chemical inputs.

■Health-oriented: The system is designed to support the needs of human body, especially for those who suffer from illness. The plants are full of strong life energy, being able to resist plant diseases and pests. Vegetables, fruits and products are very helpful to the flow of Qi, thus supporting patients who need much energy to recover from diseases after being treated with medicines. They can also highly support spiritual seekers, or those who practice Chi Kung to make much progress.

■Harmonious ecosystem: Animals and plants live happily together in a healthy and harmonious ecosystem.

■Farmer-friendly: The system is easy to manage. Farmers work in a relaxed and comfortable way. It can keep farmers from being exposed to innumerable agrochemicals, such as pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and growth regulators.

■Sustainable: The system creates a lively and vigorous space, and it is successful in overcoming continuous cropping obstacles.