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        To resolve the problems of modern agriculture and public health, Yang Hao, moved his whole family to Li Mountain in 1986 and dived into the invention of non-toxic agricultural method. After years of research and experiments, he emulated the systems of rainforest and human body to develop the unique agricultural method, AgriGaia Biomimicry Farming System.

        This innovative cultivation system obtained three national patents in Taiwan due to the fact that it improves soil fertility without any pesticides or chemical fertilizers, delivers high quality water and nutrients to the soil through the specially designed underground irrigation system, creates high life energy field to promote plant’s Bio-Chi energy, self-healing power and resistance to environment challenges, and thus increases their beneficial ingredients so that the crop quality and quantity are highly raised. The energy-and-water-saving method can purify and remediate the contaminated soil by making the most use of sunlight, air, water and probiotics, thus contributing a lot to environmental pressure release.

Three National Patents:
(1) 1994 “Organic, Oxygenic, and Nitrogen Fixation Planting Method”
(Invention Patent, Certification No. 64823)
The theory is to form the organic structure of nature in the soil by increasing the amount of dissolved oxygen and fixing the nitrogen.

(2) 2004 “Air/Water Alternating Type Cultivation Method and System”
(Invention Patent, Certification No. 204256)
The system can purify the soil environment through a specially designed underground irrigation system applying the principle of vaporization.

(3) 2014 “Negative-Pressure Type Automatic Air Inlet Sub-Irrigation Device”
(Utility Model Patent, Certificate No. M484905)

        Because of the negative pressure formed by the water flowing in the duct, the energy-saving air inlet device can make the air sucked into the duct automatically to increase the amount of dissolved oxygen.