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"If we could change the agricultural system containing mass agrochemicals, we could have healthy crops,
and so we have healthy diet sources every day. Healthy foods might prevent many illnesses such
as cancer. "                                                                          ~ Yang Hao, Founder of Agri-Dragon BioTech

Farming methods with pesticides and chemical fertilizers are detrimental to the environment. These chemicals destroy helpful soil organisms and damage plant’s natural ability to fight pests and diseases. Facing the deteriorating ecosystem, people are in great need of new farming techniques which can be sustainable and have beneficial effect on people’s health.

Only by reforming agricultural technology can we hold the key to health. In the pursuit of environmental sustainability and the harmony between human beings and the environment, we have been focusing on research and innovation of technology in agriculture for more than 20 years. Our goal is to break through the concepts and techniques applied in the conventional agriculture and to provide better solutions to agriculture in this new era.