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Connotation of “Nong Yan Xin Yi” (穠研薪藝)

“Nong” (穠) symbolizes harmony and luxuriance.
AgriGaia Farming System focuses mainly on co-existing harmoniously with the Nature. Instead of using chemical fertilizers, pesticides and depriving soil of organic matters, reviving soil fertility is always our concern.

“Yan” (研) means research and innovation. We make good use of technology without going against the Nature. The integration of agriculture, technology and medical concept targets at the realization of self-healing.

“Xin” (薪) means inheritance. We are delighted to share our successful experiences in agriculture so mankind and Nature can be healthy again by enjoying the abundance of foods of highest quality rewarded by the mother earth.

“Yi” (藝) refers that AgriGaia Farming System is an art, portraying the harmony between human beings and Nature. Moreover, taking AgriGaia fruits and vegetables is a work of art full of vibrancy and joy.