Innovated agriculture

AgriDragon Biomimicry Farm

We pursue sustainability and vitality for all beings, and develop a new era for agriculture and health.

From the beginning, we have been following nature and utilizing technology to recover the strength of lands and produce powerful vegetables and processed products for customers. Meanwhile, we look deeply into health-promoting methods so that all beings can keep vital and vivacious. We improve people’s health and protect the planet.

We dedicate ourselves to innovating agricultural technologies and combine the concept of social enterprise. We aim to open a new era of Taiwan’s agriculture for the new generations by setting up a blueprint and a platform to fulfill ideals. Agriculture is the very basis of a country. Compared to hydroponics in Japan and drip irrigation in Israel, we look forward to promoting Taiwan with our original AgriDragon Biomimicry Farming System.

This is our ideal since the very beginning.

Pintung Agricultural Biotechnology Park – AgriDragon Biomimicry Demonstration Farm


In 2012, we entered Pintung Agricultural Biotechnology Park and set up the AgriDragon Biomimicry Demonstration Farm.

The scale of the farm was approximately 5000 square meters. We plant a wide variety of plants. The longer we grow, the better soil strength. Crops like jade tomato, netted melon, cauliflower, cabbage, Bok Choy, stevia, and marjoram were successfully harvested. Salvia miltiorrhiza, a highly economic herbal crop that requires powerful nutrition, can be planted year after year without using pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Moreover, their quality and growth keep on increasing!

Technological Agriculture – Underground Irrigation Pipelines

Artery and Capillary of Soil


Healthy and Powerful Vegetables


Strong Cabbage


High-Value Medicinal Plant “Salvia Miltiorrhiza” Grows Year After Year

Salvia miltiorrhiza, Strong Roots

Thrive with the Power of Nature

Herbal Plants Grow yearly