Viachi – Our original intention

The most needed energy source for human body is food.
The best energy within food comes from the land.
With a passionate heart, we learn from nature,
Aiming to restore polluted lands to its original state of vitality.

In order to pursue ever-lasting vitality and sustain lives on this land, we have undergone countless researches and attempts. We innovate a farming system that can help to heal the land. Not only does it absorb energy from nature, it unceasingly adds vitality to nature. It enables us to see how strong and abundant nature is. Through the most authentic food it produces, it also delivers the real taste from nature.

We hope everyone on earth can acknowledge, eat, and use truly healthy products. Consequently, human beings can reach the lifestyle of “take from nature, return to nature” and live peacefully with all creatures.

Lishan Seclusion Thirty Years Ago

“Is it necessary to use up all the natural resources for human prosperity?” In 1986, Yang Hao started living a self-sustaining life on Lishan with this doubt and sense of mission. Starting from nothing to understanding rhythms of water, soil, crops, and ecology, Mr. Yang embraced Mother Nature. It was in this period of time when he obtained a brand-new realization of life and energy cycle.

All creatures receive life energy when born and return to nature when dead. For soil, which nurtures uncountable lives, the creature with shortest life cycle is “microorganism”, crucial for soil fertility and crop productivity. Therefore, we began doing research on how to maintain the health of soil microbiota and foster soil strength to overcome the unnatural air pollution and acid rain. We finally invent “AgriDragon Biomimicry Farming System”, which helps to create natural cycle in the soil and heal the land.

Healthy soil breeds healthy crops. True health starts from the very beginning!

We strive for producing truly healthy food. Human have created a wide variety of toxic materials that endangered Mother Nature. We, for the sake of Mother Nature and ourselves, must start a change from the beginning. No pesticides nor chemical fertilizers are applied. More importantly, not only do we grow crops with natural fermented nutrition liquid researched and developed by ourselves, but we also build an environment beneficial for natural cycle. Soil organic matter is examined periodically. We do everything we could to ensure each and every crop we produce is rich in vitality. Healthy crops keep your body vigorous and strong!

Be Friendly to the Earth. Start Revolutionizing Agriculture. Build a Social Enterprise Collaboration Platform

It is always a pleasure for more farmers and partners to join our land-caring farming system. Also, we are pleased to provide truly healthy food raw materials for business partners to develop beneficial products together, extending sustainability concept to all kinds of food and daily necessities.

We dedicate ourselves to building a collaboration platform of research, production, supply, and sales step by step. We hope everything is simple and natural so that it can provide what our body truly needs. Moreover, we aim at building an industry chain beneficial to social welfare. It is our sincere promise to families, societies, and nature.

We build a harmonious environment with all our hearts.

“Nong” (穠) : Prosperity and abundance. We hope to make human and all creatures live healthily in the world.

AgriDragon Biomimicry Farming System focuses mainly on co-existing harmoniously with the Nature. No damage to the soil. No pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used. “Revitalize the Earth; make all creatures feel the joy of revival.”

“Yan” (研): Research and innovation. We develop an industry combining agriculture, technology, and health care.

We make good use of technology without going against the Nature. The integration of agriculture, technology and health care concept targets at the realization of self-healing.

“Xin” (薪) : Inheritance and remuneration. We will pass down biomimicry farming system and the glory of new agriculture to future generations.

We are delighted to share AgriDragon farming system and experiences. Following the rule of Nature, we hope the core value “mankind and mother earth can be healthy together” will be passed down to future generations. It also means we take good care of Nature, and Nature will reward us with abundance of food of highest quality.

“Yi” (藝): Art. We combine the art of harmonious agriculture and the art of living.

AgriDragon Farming System is an art, combining “heaven, earth and mankind” harmoniously. It is a demonstration of skillfulness and artistry. Moreover, savoring AgriDragon fruits and vegetables full of bioenergy is a form of art filled with vibrancy and joy.


1984  The original intention of Yang Hao, the founder of Agri-Dragon, started after understanding the research of Dr. Lei Chi-hsiang, Associate Research Fellow of Academia Sinica.

1986   Yang Hao moved his whole family to Li Mountain and dived into the research and innovation of agricultural techniques.

1990   Inspired by the principle of production and annihilation in the Diamond Sutra, Yang Hao developed the basic theory of AgriDragon Biomimicry Farming System.

1991   Participated in the High-Quality Agricultural Exhibition held by Council of Agriculture in Taipei World Trade Center.


  • Obtained the first national patent: “Organic, Oxygenic, and Nitrogen Fixation Planting Method.” (Invention Patent No. 64823)
  • Established Agri-Dragon Biotech and a direct management store in Taipei.

2004   Obtained the second national patent: “Air/Water Alternating Type Cultivation Method and System.” (Invention Patent No. 204256)

2008   Published the first book “Life-time Endeavor in Vitality”


  • Won the Merit Award in “2012 Taiwan Healthcare and Agricultural Biotech Industries Innovation and Excellence Awards.”
  • Set up a demonstration farm and a professional factory for fermented vegetable liquid in Pingtung Agricultural Biotechnology Park (PABP).


  • Visited Israel with Minister of the Council of Agriculture. Former Israeli Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development came to Taiwan soon afterwards and paid a visit to the AgriDragon biomimicry farm.
  • Set up a branch office and a direct management store in Taichung.


  • Published the second book “Taiwan’s Biomimicry Agriculture: Super Engine in New Centurial Agriculture.”
  • Jointly Held “2014 Biomimicry International Forum” with Taiwan Institute of Economic Research, Academia Sinica, and Industrial Technology Research Institute. And delivered a speech in the forum.
  • Obtained the third national patent: “Negative-Pressure Type Automatic Air Inlet Subirrigation Device.” (Utility Model Patent No. M484905)
  • Promoted the establishment of Biomimicry Taiwan and allied with Biomimicry Institute.
  • Authorized a business to promote AgriDragon Biomimicry Farming System in Hong Kong, Macau & Guangdong.

  • Set up a social enterprise to promote the Industrialization of AgriDragon Biomimicry Farming system.
  • Jointly Held “2015 Biomimicry Forum” with Taiwan Institute of Economic Research, Academia Sinica, and Taipei City Zoo. And delivered a speech in the forum.
  • Biomimicry Taiwan allied with Biomimicry 3.8.

  • Collaborated with Taipei City Government Indigenous Peoples Commission to establish an AgriDragon off-ground farming system in Taipei Expo Park.
  • Collaborated with Council of Indigenous Peoples to offer AgriDragon farming technology courses for indigenous peoples.
  • The President of the University of the Philippines led a delegation to visit AgriGaia biomimicry farm.
  • Participated in Taiwan International Fruit & Vegetable Show.
  • Participated in the Exhibition of Biomimicry: Inspired by Nature (in National Taiwan Science Education Center) to showcase AgriGaia Biomimicry Farming System.

  • An AgriDragon Biomimicry farm in Humen Town (in Guangdong) was set up and opened.
  • The first AgriDragon Biomimicry farm in Hong Kong was set up at the Hong Kong Organic Waste Recycling Center.

  • Micro Whole Food Nutrition was awarded “the Hong Kong LOHAS Award 2018: Best Fruit & Vegetable Enzyme.”
  • The AgriDragon Biomimicry farm in Sheung Shui Town (in Hong Kong) was newly opened.
  • The second AgriDragon Biomimicry Farm in Humen Town (in Guangdong)  was set up.
  • Awarded “The Outstanding Agricultural AgriGaia Method Vegetable” in Hong Kong.


  • Obtained one invention patent and two utility patents.
  • Our Chairman was invited to give a speech on “Specialized Biomimicry Agricultural Area: Sustainable & Collaborative” in The Asia Pacific Circular Economy Roundtable.


  • Participated in the Taiwan Presidential Hackathon 2020. Proposal No. 248: Innovative League of Sustainable Agriculture Promoting Multi-Employment.
  • Participated in the exhibition “2030 Future All Together” at the Huashan 1914 Creative Park.
  • Collaborated with a medical university on a research project, Product Development of Pingtung Salvia Miltiorrhiza Stem Tea and Evaluation of its Implementing Eye Health Promotion, and received a Pingtung SBIR grant.
  • Collaborated with a medical university on a research project, Development of Salvia Miltiorrhiza Stem and Goji Berry Leaf Tea for Eye Health and Evaluation of its Eye-Protective Effects, and received funding from Pingtung Agricultural Biotechnology Park (PABP).


  • The vice general manager of Agri-Dragon Biotech was invited to deliver a speech on Biomimetic Sub-Irrigation System and Land-Based Sustainable Agriculture at the book launch of Circular Taiwan in Kaohsiung.