AgriDragon Biomimicry Farming System Heals Rather Than Intervenes.

“AgriDragon Biomimicry Farming System Heals Rather Than Intervenes.”

The mother of land nurtures lives, same as how our mothers nurture us. In the process, mothers provide nutrition for us to grow. Most of the nutrition needed for plant growth comes from the land. Therefore, soil’s structure, composition, and ecology, or the so-called “soil strength”, greatly influences how crops grow.
Having a non-toxic and non-polluted planting environment is only the basic for us. Our core value lies within how to make use of the nature while keeping it sustainable so that human being can live together with nature peacefully. We call it “AgriDragon Biomimicry Farming System”.


Two biomimetic concepts of AgriDragon Biomimicry Farming System

Concept 1: Emulating Rainforest


Have you ever wondered how plants in rainforests live vigorously all year round?

Building an ever-lasting ecology starts from mimicking rainforests!

Rainforests are the area where plants grow most vigorously in the world. There are abundant species living orderly. Huge amounts of fallen leaves and branches, animal excrements, and animal bodies on the ground provide protein and various kinds of nutrition, resulting in a thick layer of organic materials. With constant heavy rain bringing fresh air and metabolizing fermented substances, a large quantity of water flows underground. It ends up with a running water cycle, which brings fresh, non-toxic, soft, permeable, and fertile space for living.

AgriDragon Biomimicry Farming System mimics rainforest’s circulation concept by reversing the effect of leaching. Through vaporization, substances underground are easily brought to the surface and decomposed. The soil keeps being activated by fresh air and water. Air, water, and nutrition inside soil remain sufficient like a rainforest.

Mimicking concept 2: Human Body


Have you ever wondered how blood flows throughout the body with only blood vessels and a heart?

Building the most efficient irrigation system starts from mimicking the human body!

Human body is like an unbelievable universe. It is the cleverest and the most delicate life form in the world.
Human body is like an unbelievable universe. It is the cleverest and the most delicate life form in the world.
Do you know the total length of one’s blood vessel can circle the earth for about two times and a half!
Moreover, it takes only twenty seconds for blood to complete one circulation.
There’s no distribution problem, nor pipeline replacing issues.,
It is not too much to say it’s the most effective circulation system in the world.
Consequently, AgriDragon Biomimicry Farming System follows how human body works.

Transport Like Blood Vessels

Underground pipelines are like blood vessels. The main pipe has thick walls and has high anti-pressure ability, like the main artery. It is complimented with “leaky pipes”, which serve as capillaries. They distribute water evenly with natural pressure. With wider contacting area, the irrigation efficiency becomes higher, resulting in stronger plant roots.

Push Like the Heart

In order to save energy and obtain a stable pushing power, we make use of gravitational potential energy. Instead of using pressure pumps, we locate a bucket about three meters above ground level. The potential energy creates equal distribution. This concept is equivalent to how heart delivers blood to blood vessels and provide systematic pushing power.

Filter Like the Kidney

Irrigation water used in AgriDragon Biomimicry Farming System undergoes purification, filtering, and is combined with bio-nutrition liquid. Considering the impurities and metabolites, a drainage opening is designed at the end of the pipelines. It can be opened when cleaning is needed.。

Digest Like the Stomach

One of the keys to our system is providing natural nutritive substances to plants. Using natural substances as the base material and combined with probiotics, it can serve as how stomach digests. These nutritive substances undergo natural break-down, fermentation, and ripening inside fermentation bucket. They are similar to humus in rainforests, which is rich in bioenergy. Irrigating lands with this liquid is the key to bring soil alive.

Breathe Like the Lung

Oxygen, carbon, and nitrogen in the air are beneficial to plant growth. Therefore, we set a ventilator on the transporting pipe to allow air flow in underground pipes with water and nutrition liquid. The first benefit of it is that the soil will be softened actively without tilling. Secondly, nitrogen, which makes up about 78% of air, can be transformed into the most natural and nutritious nitrogen fertilizer with the addition of nitrogen fixation microorganisms.

Adjust Temperature Like the Human Body

In the beginning of the irrigation system, there is a temperature-control device that can adjust the temperature of water. No matter what the weather is like, it can maintain a constant temperature. Direct infusion of water into the underground results in wet underground and dry surface, like our skin. Not only does it have control over soil humidity, it also greatly reduces weed growth, pests, and diseases.

Greenhouse enhances crop protection and builds a totally clean environment.

AgriDragon Biomimicry Farming System implements specially designed greenhouse to avoid typhoon damages, acid rain, and air pollution. It guarantees customers to eat safely and healthily. Moreover, it can reach the state of steady and large-scale production and help create a complete social enterprise platform in which R&D, production, supply, sales and marketing are very well combined.

Innovative agricultural biotechnology uses beneficial microorganisms to turn the inorganic environment into one with vitality.

The very first organism that appeared on earth is microorganism. Microorganisms have the ability to reproduce rapidly and live vigorously. They convert fast, metabolize efficiently, and absorb a lot, which made them both the beginning and the end of the biological chain. They are able to convert bio-energies from carbon, nitrogen, sulfur, and phosphorus, which is the reason why rainforests have such powerful ecologies. They are also the source of unceasing strength of soil.
With this understanding, we specifically selected some beneficial microorganisms and apply with natural materials such as rice bran, bone meal, soybean meal, and molasses. Our self-made natural bio-nutrition liquid can break down, ferment, reduce pests, and fix nitrogen. When infused into soil through our underground irrigation system, it creates an active soil ecology, which breeds healthy and nutritious crops.

Love Earth, Support Farmers, and Benefit Customers


Ten Benefits of AgriDragon Biomimicry Farming System

  1. Saves water and energy

The only motor we use is to pump irrigation water to our higher potential energy bucket. All the water and nutrition are directly infused into soil, avoiding evaporation from soil surface. Compared to normal farming systems, we can save 50% to 80% of water usage.


  1. No need to till

Through underground irrigation system, water, nutrition, and air help keep soil soft. Since there are plenty of pores, soil tillage is unnecessary.


  1. No need to fallow/rotate crops

Long periods of adding natural nutritive substances and microorganisms allow soil to remain strong and healthy. There is no need to rotate crops. Not only can we grow crops without fallow, soil strength becomes better and better each year, reaching toward the goal of sustainable agriculture.


  1. Reduces weeds, pests, and diseases

All the water and nutrition plants need is underground. Not only do roots grow deeper into the ground, the surface stays dry. Consequently, weeds cannot grow easily; pests and diseases can be greatly reduced. This significantly reduces the human labor in agriculture tasks and alleviates the burden on farmers.


  1. Applicable to all kinds of soil conditions and crops

With 30 years of testing and observation, AgriDragon Biomimicry Farming System can be applied to greenhouse/field, temperate zone/tropical zone, even the most depleted desert or saline land. Agricultural miracle can happen anywhere. After irrigating with our bio-nutrition liquid for a period of time, microorganisms’ strong break-down ability activates the land and repairs it to an arable land. Chinese and Western herbal plants, vegetables, fruits, grains, flowers, tea trees, and many other things are all suitable to grow.

  1. Abundant productivity

Cultivating active microorganisms strengthens the land and keeps it fertile. This results in high productivity and rich harvest.


  1. Nutrient-rich vegetables, good for health care

Father of Western medicine, Hippocrates, once said “Natural forces within us are the rue healers of disease.” If we are able to promote nutrition, can we also increase anti-cancer contents to help more people? Vegetables cultivated by AgriDragon Biomimicry Farming System have dense tissues and are very active, which make them great for health care.


  1. Aids earth in sealing carbons

The whole world is facing problems brought by global warming. About one-third of greenhouse gas emissions come from agriculture. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) suggested that correct farming method can reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and lower the impact of global warming. Reducing tillage is one of the most critical indexes. Our system can be extremely helpful in dealing with global warming since we exclude soil tillage.

  1. Convenient to manage, easy to cultivate

In the first stage of establishing AgriDragon Biomimicry Farming System, some preparations have to be done, including burying pipelines and building greenhouse. After the initial work is done, farmers only have to plant the seeds, open and close the water valve periodically, look over the crops, and harvest. Compared with normal farming systems, farmers can save more than half of the working time per day. Farming is no longer a hard work, making agriculture more appealing to younger generations.


  1. Sustainable land

In the first stage of establishing AgriDragon Biomimicry Farming System, some preparations have to be done, including burying pipelines and building greenhouse. After the initial work is done, farmers only have to plant the seeds, open and close the water valve periodically, look over the crops, and harvest. Compared with normal farming systems, farmers can save more than half of the working time per day. Farming is no longer a hard work, making agriculture more appealing to younger generations.

Application types of AgriDragon Biomimicry Farming System

1. Large-scale greenhouse type

Suitable for large-scale farms for economic purposes. Recommended area is above 5 hectares.

2. Small-scale greenhouse type

Suitable for small families or retired living. Able to self-sustain and sell through collaboration. Recommended area is around 2,500 square meters.

3. Semi-open type

Alternative choice when crops are not suitable for greenhouse production.

4. Gardening type

Suitable for homes, gardens, and pots planting.

5. Above-ground type

It can be established on hillsides without damaging their original ecology. It is also suitable for under-forest economy.

AgriDragon Biomimicry Farming System is not a magic.
We just learn from Nature’s Wisdom.

Differences Among Farming Methods

Conventional Farming

Organic Farming

AgriDragon Biomimicry Farming System


Use artificial chemicals to treat pest diseases and poor soil strength problems.

Follow the natural rule of sustainability.
No synthetic chemical substances are allowed.
Emphasize soil and water conservation and ecological balance
(Defined by Council of Agriculture).

Let human beings coexist with nature. Farmers and customers both share the benefits. All beings live in harmony and prosper together.

Chemical Pesticides

No limitations.

Not allowed.



No limitations.

Organic fertilizer.

Nutrition liquid with multiple probiotics and small amount of organic fertilizers.

Avoiding Pests

No limitations.

Natural prevention or legitimate biological prevention materials.

Natural prevention or non-toxic control (underground irrigation system leaves the surface dry, so pests and diseases are reduced naturally).

Genetical Modification

No limitations.

No genetically modified seeds and seedlings are allowed.

No genetically modified seed and seedlings are allowed.

Nutrition Contents

Deficient. Risky of containing pesticides.

The industry is still divided on whether there are increased nutrition contents.

Able to increase nutrition content and quality (1 to 2 times more).

Farming Environment

No limitations.

Heavy metal contents have to be below regulations.

Suitable for any kind of soil. Has the ability to improve soil ecology and break down harmful substances, creating powerful soil strength.


Herbicides are allowed.

By manpower or physical methods.

Soil surface remains dry, so weeds are hard to grow.


  • Damages the soil after farming for a period of time.
  • Pesticides may easily remain and be consumed.
  • Pollution of water and other resources.
  • Lower yield, hard to meet market demands.
  • Hard to resist pests and diseases.
  • High production cost and labor cost.
  • Requires fallow to maintain soil strength.
  • Weeds grow fast. Farmers have to work extra hard.
  • Requires initial establishing capital.