More than 30 years of persistence to do something that can save the earth

Since 1986, when pesticides and chemical fertilizers are widely used, we have been consistently doing researches and improvements on a toxic-free farming system. Horrible news about poisoned farmers was frequently reported, so we thought we had to do something about it. After years of studying and understanding about the land, we learned from nature’s wisdom. In 1994 and 2004, we acquired two invention patents. In 2014, we acquired our third patent. With all three patents combined, we call it “AgriDragon Biomimicry Farming System.”

AgriDragon Biomimicry Farming System

Patent 1: 1994 Organic, Oxygenic, and Nitrogen Fixation Planting Method.


~Invention Patent No. 64823~

The basic concept of this patent is to form a natural and organic structure underground by increasing oxygen content and seal nitrogen in the air into soil.

Patent 2:
2004 Air/Water Alternating Type Cultivation Method and System.

S 氣水交替式栽培方法及其系統_204256

~Invention Patent No. 204256~

Uses the principle of water transpiration to purify soil environment.

Patent 3:
2014 Negative-Pressure Type Automatic Air Inlet Subirrigation Device.

S 專利證書:新型第M 484905號

~Utility Model Patent No. M484905~

By setting this device, air will be sucked into transportation pipe with the flowing speed of water. Water will then become rich in oxygen content, resulting in the effect of automatic air inlet and energy saving.